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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Super Secret

Jesus knew it. So did Zarathustra, Muhammad, Abraham, and Siddhārtha. However, they didn’t seem to want to keep it under wraps like the super successful people who are privy to the laws of attraction as described in a book that regurgitates New Thought Movement ideas, then repackages these ideas in a slick, marketable, and manipulative book called, The Secret.  They weren’t even interested in ‘like attracts like’ and the science of fulfilling your dreams for material wealth and acquiring more stuff. The super secret (that is not a secret) the religious greats were interested in was DIY Religion. This very book!
Some couldn’t understand. They used the ideas for corrupt reasons. They postulated that everyone had to follow their religion or face death. Death? Isn’t that a tad bit extreme? With DIY Religion we can all get in touch with our spiritual side while at the same time get along with each other. Your developed religion is yours. It is a part of you personally, and it wouldn’t quite fit any other person. For this very reason, most religions don’t jive completely with anybody other than the unique individuals that spawned them.

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